Aquafadas, a digital publishing platform that allows publishers to create multimedia apps for books, comics and magazines without a programmer, has launched a public beta of its new cloud authoring system. The Aquafadas Cloud Authoring system allows publishers to quickly and easily convert PDF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files into ePubs, apps and web reader files.

The new system allows publishers to upload a PDF or other existing print file and convert it while in the cloud into content for tablets or smartphones or directly to the web. The new authoring system can convert files without the need for Adobe InDesign or other production software. The public beta is open to all publishers.

Thomas Ribreau, technical director at Aquafadas, a suite of multimedia authoring tools acquired by e-book retailer Kobo in late 2012, said the cloud authoring tool gives every publisher “access to digital publishing” and “transforms time-consuming tasks into quick, easy and automatic workflows.”