Here Come the K-books: Digital Publishing in Korea 2014

Consider these figures: This is the country with the fastest Internet speed in the world at 13.3 Mbps (against 8.7 Mbps in the U.S.), and 98% of its households have access to broadband Internet. More than 80% of its 50 million people use smartphones, with penetration among the 18- to 24-year-olds at an astounding 97%.

Driving the Content Industry Forward: Digital Publishing in Korea 2014

Nothing gets the work done faster, or makes the word travel further, than having the might of the government behind it or the united action of a group of individuals with shared interests. In the Korean publishing industry, such synergy is evident and has been very effective.

Facts and Numbers on the Korean Book Market: Digital Publishing in Korea 2014

A visit to the Gwanghwamun branch of Kyobo, Korea’s largest bookstore chain, provides many clues to the country’s present book market.

Q&A with Paul Riley of OUP-ELT: Digital Publishing in Korea 2014

For global publisher Oxford University Press (OUP), close connections with the markets that it operates in have afforded plenty of opportunities to establish partnerships with different technology companies for its products and services.

The Changing Korean Book Retail Industry: Digital Publishing in Korea 2014

When online bookstores came on the scene back in 1999, there were around 5,000 brick-and-mortar bookstores in Korea.

Dealing with Rights in Korea: Digital Publishing in Korea 2014

A seasoned rights agency knows the answers to the following questions: What kind of title will sell and what will become silverfish fodder in the warehouse?

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