Knewton, a company that produces adaptive learning software, has an agreement with Sonoma Learning, a European educational software firm, to use the Knewton API in educational content produced by Malmberg, its Dutch publishing division. Malmberg’s Knewton-powered learning courses will debut in the Netherlands in 2015.

Adaptive learning software tracks how students use digital educational content and is designed to gather student data, spotlight weaknesses and strengths and recommend appropriate content and even specific teaching strategies. Publishers use the Knewton API to integrate Knewton’s tracking software into their digital educational content to produce highly personalized educational experiences. Since its launch in 2008, Knewton adaptive learning software has been adopted by a wide variety of educational publsihers including Cengage, John Wiley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and many others. The company is based New York City.

A diverse, multiplatform European media company, Sanoma delivers a variety of educational platforms and general publishing products to markets in The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Belgium and Poland.

Knewton CEO and founder Jose Ferreira said, “Sanoma Learning’s products are already built on a deep understanding of teacher needs and the local curricula. Now they are moving quickly to meet an increasing demand for adaptive learning in Europe. We look forward to working with them to empower educators and improve student learning outcomes.”