Humble Bundle, the pay-what-you-want platform that offers bundled digital content and supports charities, is teaming with another comics publisher, IDW Publishing, to offer an all-graphic novel bundle of digital Dr. Who comics.

This is Humble Bundle’s second all-graphic novel bundle and IDW is offering a bundle of 14 DRM-free digital collections of Dr. Who comics along with a puzzle-RPG adventure Doctor Who: Legacy. For the next two weeks visitors to the Humble Bundle e-book page can pay what they want for the bundle, including paying anything above the average donation which will unlock additional Dr. Who content.

According to Humble Bundle e-book director Kelley Allen, the Dr. Who bundle had generated more than $125,000 after being available for about seven hours. E-book Humble Bundles will be released every two weeks on the HB e-book page and the site plans to regularly release prose as well as graphic novel e-book bundles.

Earlier this month HB released its first all-graphic novel bundle, a collection of hit Image digital graphic novels that included series like Walking Dead and Saga. The Image comics Humble Bundle generated nearly 40,000 downloads and raised nearly $400,000 in revenue that will be divided between the creators, charities of the donators choice, and Humble Bundle.