In its first big cross-platform release in the wake of Amazon’s acquisition of digital comics marketplace Comixology, Amazon’s Jet City Comics imprint is serializing the comics adaptation of sci-fi novelist Hugh Howey’s Wool novel simultaneously on Comixology and Jet City will release an installment of the 6-issue digital comics series every two weeks and a collected print edition of the graphic novel will be published in August.

Single issues of the Wool comics series will sell for $2.99 on Comixology and the entire run of the series will sell for $4.99 as a Kindle serial on The collected print edition will go on sale in August on and other retail outlets. The graphic novel adaptation was written by comics writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and drawn by Jimmy Broxton and cover artist Darwyn Cooke.

Comixology spokesperson Chip Mosher noted that Wool is the “first Jet City Comics issue on Comixology,” and said “We can’t wait to bring even more Jet City comics to Comixology and showcase them in our cinematic Guided View reading experience.”

Wool is the first novel in Howey’s Silo Saga trilogy, a dystopian science fiction tale. The prose novel was originally self-published by Howey in 2011 and has since grown into a bestselling and a self-publishing phenomenon. In an unusual deal for book publishing these days, Howey managed to retain his e-book rights while signing a deal with S&S solely for print publication rights.

Alex Carr, editorial director of Jet City Comics, said “Wool is one of my all-time favorite science fiction novels, and it’s been so exciting watching this incredibly talented team bring it to life in comics form. Working with comiXology to offer single issues to their legions of fans was a no-brainer, and we can’t wait to see this relationship develop.”