Houghton Miffllin Harcourt is releasing the HMH Player, an interactive educational app designed for the iPad and Google’s Chrome OS that allows teachers to access HMH school content, customize materials and communicate and collaborate with students.

The app is being unveiled at the International for Technology in Education in Atlanta this weekend.

The HMH Player is also integrated with the adaptive learning technology of Knewton, which tracks student use of educational content, suggest learning strategies and gives feedback on student progress. The app allows teachers to set up virtual classrooms and communicate directly with students during online sessions. The app will launch with HMH high school math curriculums for algebra and geometry, with more educational products coming in 2015.

The app is also optimized to use on Google’s lightweight and lower-priced laptop line of Chromebook devices. Bram Bout, director at Google for Education, said the app combines "engaging content, adaptive technology, and advanced collaboration tools in a seamless Chromebook user experience.”

Mary Cullinane, chief content officer and executive v-p, corporate affairs at HMH, said the publishers "considered the student experience both inside and outside the classroom," in redesigning how content is delivered to students.

She continued: "To really benefit from digital tools, we must use technology to empower teachers in three key functional areas: planning, instruction, and assessment. This is not technology for the sake of technology. This is technology that can enable a learning transformation."