Subscription e-book service Oyster is expanding its platform, offering subscribers access to the website through any web browser. The support for web browser access means subscribers can access their accounts using the browsers on their laptops or smartphones, as well as through the Oyster app.

Oyster offers unlimited access to a library of more than 500,000 books by more than 1,600 publishers. In June, the service added support for the Android operating system, and a spokesperson for Oyster said the service had its biggest month in company history with 35% of the total subscriber base reading on Android. According to Oyster, more than three million pages are read on the subscription service everyday.

Eric Stromberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Oyster, said “Knowing that about a third of e-book readers regularly read on the web, we’ve had our sights set on this launch for some time. This marks an important next step on our mission to provide the best product on as many devices as possible.”