Chinese Internet and content giant Tencent Literature has signed with Trajectory, a digital distributor and technology developer, to distribute Tencent's catalog of more than 200,000 Chinese language e-books into South and North American markets. The deal will also allow Trajectory to bring its English language e-book into China via Tencent’s content platform.

Trajectory will handle conversion, digital merchandising and marketing for the exported Tencent e-books. The digital vendor will also provide Tencent with weekly and monthly sales reporting as well as monthly and quarterly royalty statements. A global digital distributor, Trajectory specializes in the Chinese e-book market and has offices in Boston and Beijing. The vendor distributes e-books to a global marketplace of more than 300 international e-book retailers and more than 200,000 international public and school libraries.

A subsidiary of Tencent Holdings, a major Chinese technology and Internet platform, Tencent Literature represents the tech company’s expansion into a variety of content holdings including books and videogames. The venture is focused on mobile consumers and is said to attract more than 15 million users a day to its various content websites.

Trajectory CEO Jim Bryant called the deal a “unique and exciting cross-cultural opportunity.” Bryant said, “Never before have so many Chinese language titles become available outside of China.”