The Associated Press is teaming with e-book developer Mango Media to launch AP Editions, a line of e-book and print titles based on AP reporting, as well as the outlet's historical archives.

AP Editions will launch with 15 titles with plans to release “dozens” more this year. Titles will feature prose reports and photographic documentation from AP reporters based around the world (although the books do not appear to list the names of individual authors). AP Editions will also tap into the archives of the AP, which was founded as an international news cooperative in the 19th century.

Initial titles include Ebola: From Outbreak to Crisis to Containment, The Hubble Space Telescope: A Universe of New Discovery and Pope Francis: Transforming the Catholic Church. The books are distributed by Ingram Publishers Services and Ingram Content Group. E-book editions will be available via all the major e-book retailers; paperback editions are available at Amazon, B&N and other booksellers.

AP director of content development Sarah Nordgren said, “AP reporters and photographers have spent nearly 170 years in all quarters of the globe, telling the most important stories of their time. By teaming up with Mango, AP has the opportunity to bring those stories once again to light, with the added perspective of history.”