AuthorBee, a storytelling, social media filter and content management platform, has launched a twitter application. The app allows users—individuals, brands or online communities—to easily save, aggregate and organize social media content from Twitter.

Through a process of automation and personal curation, the new AuthorBee web platform allows users to collect and organize Tweets on specific topics or subjects. The website will automatically collect content designated by users, who can then store and label large amounts of related social media content/posts in a sequential “story” format—essentially grouping related tweets together under a user-determined topic/subject. Users can continue to add new content to the category, and other users can easily locate and navigate through a variety of subjects and topics.

AuthorBee founder and CEO Stephen Bradley claims the platform offers better tools for locating and organizing Twitter content. “We see rich content increasingly entering the social stream but, at the end of the day, timelines make terrible tour guides. You can’t monitor them 24x7,” he said. AuthorBee was originally launched at SXSW in 2012 as a storytelling and fan engagement platform.

“Twitter’s recent efforts are weak and limited to Twitter,” Bradley said. “We’re here to be your Twitter curator and social DVR, by aggregating posts from your timeline on the topics you specify into ‘stories’ that can be followed, archived, curated, shared with others and even co-created around interests, brands or campaigns.”

Correction: an earlier version of this story referred to AuthorBee is an app. It is actually a web platform or web app, and not an application that can be downloaded from the app store.