When cloud technology was introduced, there were many questions: Is it easy to adopt? Is it flexible to my needs? And is it secure to host my data?

Today, the evolution of cloud technology has erased all doubts that kept publishers from adopting cloud in their digital transformation strategy. They have realized the benefits of cloud for creation and delivery of digital products such as e-books across multiple device platforms, workflow management and distribution of digital resources to educational institutions.

It has taken a lot of hard work for cloud-based service providers to help their customers realize the benefits of the technology. Gradually, there have been many success stories spreading the word of acknowledgment among publishers. More so, this year, the technology predictions seem unanimous on the pervasive growth of cloud-first or cloud-also technology for large enterprises and small businesses alike. With margins becoming thin and printing costs an area of concern, cloud comes as a business haven for the publishing industry. The good news is that you can now get a smarter deal with cloud not just being your choice for data storage and server but actually become your chief technology manager with a bouquet of customized services to power your digital transformation needs in fastest turnaround time and flexi-budgets.

The Millennial Learner

So what is the key driver of disruption in publishing? It is the arrival of the Millennial learner. The fundamentals of the publishing business are undergoing a major shift with millions of digital natives now being part of the education ecosystem, and demanding digital learning. Instead of the large bookshelves in their homes, they now have access to thousands of books online.

The shift has come from the need to possess to the need to access published products anytime, anywhere on any device. This need is pushing distribution strategy to go beyond retail and bookstores. It has to be available on various digital platforms as well. It is no more about just buying a book. You need to reach and meet the modern learners when and where they like the most—their mobiles and tablets.

And a text-intensive e-book is not what will excite them to pay or subscribe. They love watching videos, animations, and games, you need to be able to deliver enriched interactivity-packed content that keeps them hooked on enough to buy them. Many publishers have realized this shift and have imbibed digital publishing as a sales strategy. However, digital does not stop at e-books. It means offering interactive and fun learning content, collaborating with faculty and students (who are smart-device ready and want to share all the great stuff they read), and having content that are accessible anytime anywhere. So, is that asking for too much at one go? Not really, cloud in its new avatar can help you do these and much more, faster and within your budget.

ROI for Publishers Adopting Cloud

This has been an eternal FAQ that has troubled many CIOs and IT heads alike. Digital is not just trendy but it also makes business sense. The education ecosystem is changing and so is the target audience of learners. The Millennials are spending more time on their mobile for all their learning needs. And so if you are in the business of education management, you are missing a big revenue opportunity without a digital strategy that promotes your products on mobility platforms.

Today we are in the information mobility era and cloud platform has matured to not just offer technology solutions but also customized applications according to your business needs. Publishers can now source a bouquet of cloud services such infrastructure as a service (IAAS), Software as a service (SAAS), Platform as a service (PAAS), and business process as a service (BPAAS)—from one cloud service provider and create an ecosystem of business agility.

Live on Your Private Cloud

It is tough when most of your productive time goes into fixing technical glitches than thinking about the next big business strategy that can spike your revenue graph. Think of the cloud service provider as your one-stop for all your technology needs and digital strategy operations. With better understanding of cloud computing today, cloud service providers not cannot only take away all your infrastructure and storage woes by giving infrastructure as a service, cloud can be sourced for your customized applications development needs with own branded apps created for distribution. It can be your platform-agnostic publishing partner for mobile and smart device-ready content and also partner for your promotions and lead generation sales and marketing strategies. With all these out of your table onto the cloud, you can now concentrate what you are known for—creating and publishing great content for readers.

Is It Too Late Now?

Well, it is actually an advantage that you are a late arrival to cloud technology. Today, you can leapfrog redundant technology and adopt the latest version of cloud services to get a digital overhaul. While discussions are ongoing on the pace of success of e-books, it is time publishing industry stepped up to catch the attention of their learners with interactive and enriched books, game-based learning, 3-D animations and more—a strategy to sell more with digital and less print.

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