Scribd, the online reading subscription service, is expanding its magazine category with the addition of seven new titles, among them The Atlantic, Fast Company and Mother Jones.

Scribd added magazines to its service in fall 2016, structuring the category as part of a newly enhanced content discovery system the company claims will make it easier for subscribers to find new books and other Scribd content. Beginning in November the service linked access to all of its subscription content--books, audiobooks, digital documents, and magazines—via a new system of discovery organized around more than 16,000 topics of interest.

Under the new discovery structure, any topic of interest covered by a magazine article is collected at the bottom of the page via links that can take the reader to a related book, audiobook or a different magazine article.

The rest of the magazines being added are Inc., Nautilus, Newsweek and Popular Science. The new magazines will be offered to subscribers for the same Scribd subscription fee of $9.99 a month.