Legendary comics creator Stan Lee is teaming with Amazon’s Audible platform to develop an original audiobook. Lee will narrate and produce the work as a serialized podcast.

Lee will use his distinctive voice to provide lead-in narration to the as yet untitled project, which will be a full cast, dramatized multi-voice audiobook/podcast that he will create with filmmakers Luke Lieberman and Ryan Silbert.

Lee, who is Marvel chairman emeritus as well as COO of the multimedia entertainment company Pow! Entertainment, is best known for creating some of today's most iconic superheroes. The former head of Marvel, Lee is the co-creator of, among others, Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man and The Fantastic Four.

Lieberman said the audiobook will feature a cast of newly created characters developed by Lee. He emphasized that the audiobook will take advantage of Lee’s talents as a narrative storyteller and media personality.

The audiobook/podcast, Lieberman added, will “deliver the experience you expect from Stan Lee—where street level heroes uncover global conflicts much bigger than they ever imagined.”

North American audio rights were acquired by Audible’s Keith O’Connell in a deal negotiated by Yfat Reiss Gendell of Foundry Literary + Media.