PublishDrive, a global e-book distribution platform for authors and independent publishers, has introduced a new subscription pricing option. Under this new plan, instead of sharing royalties, authors will pay a flat fee of $100.00 monthly, no matter how high their sales go.

The new plan eliminates royalty sharing and pays authors the same royalties as if they published directly through major channels such as Google Books, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, all of which are serviced by PublishDrive. Authors will still have the option of sticking with PublishDrive’s traditional royalty share model, in which authors receive 60% of the list price of the e-book. PublishDrive says the subscription model is best for authors who earn over $1,000 per month.

PublishDrive is combining the subscription model with its real-time sales analytics tracking tool. The company now reaches more than 400 digital stores in 70 countries and has a roster of more than 4,500 publishers.