Scribd has started a new program that will offer subscribers new works by a range of authors. Scribd Originals launched today with Mueller’s War by journalist Garrett Graff, a piece based on his 2018 cover story for Wired. Like all titles in Scribd Originals, Mueller’s War will be available exclusively to Scribd subscribers in both e-book and audiobook formats.

According to Scribd CEO Trip Adler, Scribd Originals will feature works that fall between lengthy magazine articles and full-length books, adding that he expects most pieces to be under 50,000 words. “It is a great way for authors to reach readers between books,” Adler said of Scribd Originals.

Adler also emphasized that Scribd Originals will feature not only original works, but will also encourage authors to experiment with stories they may want to expand at some point to a full book, TV show, or movie. Scribd will share data it gleans from Originals with authors, Adler said.

The Originals program is being overseen by Andrew Weinstein, v-p of content acquisition and strategy for Scribd, while Mark Bryant is the consulting editor for the project. Bryant has consulted for Scribd before and is the former editor-in-chief and co-founder of Byliner.

Scribd is reaching out to authors, agents and publishers looking for works that will make a good Originals piece. “We’re looking to bring in different kinds of content,” Adler said. At present, Adler said he envisions doing about one Original a month. Next up is a still untitled piece from Mark Seal. Other authors who have signed on for projects include Roxane Gay, Hilton Als, Peter Heller, and Paul Theroux.