Welcome to the 14th annual report on India’s digital solutions industry, which offers viewpoints from 14 digital solutions companies on the changes, challenges, and issues affecting their industry and the publishing world. The coverage continues with special features on AI/NLP, Open Access, and discoverability (and monetization), and how these companies’ solutions have evolved to tackle these topics and meet the industry requirements. A projects showcase and two Expert Series articles (on e-audiobook, and data analytics, discoverability, and monetization) further add to the breadth of this coverage. Recent articles from PW on issues affecting both publishing and digital solutions industries are also included. Click through to read the stories, or browse the special report in our Scribd reader below.

Digital Solutions in India 2019: A Special Report

Keeping Them on Their Toes, Guaranteed

No One-Size-Fits-All Here

Enriching Content for Discoverability

Full Speed Ahead with AI and NLP

Navigating the Open Access Path

No Project Is Too Complex

The Expert Series:

Are You Listening?

Data Analytics, Discoverability, and Monetization

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