The pandemic has ushered in the work from home (WFH) mode, accelerated the adoption of virtual learning and edtech, and pushed up sales of e-books and audiobooks. For India’s digital solutions players, the transition to WFH was smooth but not without challenges. Their efforts in digitizing and transforming content have continued unabated, enabling publishers to generate revenues and create new products amid bookstore and classroom closures. Click through to read their stories, or browse the special report in our Scribd reader below. Recent articles from PW on issues affecting both publishing and digital solutions industries are also included.

Digital Solutions in India 2020: A Special Feature

No Pause in Digitization and Content Creation in India

DiacriTech Embraces New Norms to Forge Ahead

Online Products are Growing Fast at Lapiz Digital

Newgen KnowledgeWorks Offers Enhanced Collaborative Tools

Expanding Business at Westchester Publishing Services

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Digital Solutions In India ... by Publishers Weekly