Amazon is launching Kindle Vella, a new KDP self-publishing format, aimed at mobile readers that will allow authors to publish short serialized fiction that can be read on smartphones and mobile devices by using the Kindle iOS app. The service will begin accepting submissions today for publication sometime within the next few months.

The Kindle Vella service is designed to publish serialized 600 to 5,000 word short fiction. Through the service, initial story episodes will be free. After reading the initial free episodes, readers will be able to buy tokens that can be used to unlock later episodes of the stories they wish to follow. The price of the tokens, according to an Amazon spokesperson, will be announced at a later date. Authors will receive 50% of the token price.

In other Vella features, readers will be able to highlight their favorite stories using a "thumbs Up," or "Faves" icons that will also be used to feature those stories on lists in the Kindle Vella store. Authors will be able to submit stories to the Kindle Vella service using Amazon’s usual KDP uploading service.

The new serialized Kindle Vella story format, which is designed to be read using the Kindle iOS app, is different and is offered separately from content designed for the Kindle digital reader. More information on the new Kindle Vella service will be announced in the coming months.