Humble Bundle, a promotional and charitable site that allows consumers to pay what they wish for bundles of DRM-free e-books, is partnering with bestselling author Stephen King to release “Red Screen,” a new and previously unpublished short story. The e-book release is the first title from Humble Exclusive, a new series of partnerships between HB and individual creators on exclusive content in support of selected charities.

The release of King’s “Red Screen” will be used to raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which will receive 100% of the funds raised. “Red Screen” is the story of a cop who encounters and investigates a deranged plumber who has murdered his wife, only to discover something far more insidious. According to a Humble Bundle spokesperson, Humble Exclusive is currently in talks with other “A-list authors and creators, but can't disclose any details at this time.”

Humble Bundle v-p of social impact Kamini Tiwari said: “We’re so excited to partner with one of the world’s most respected names in fiction, Stephen King, to bring book lovers a brand new story to dive into. We’re also honored to work with the ACLU for this Humble Exclusive to support their nationwide efforts to protect people’s rights and civil liberties.”

Humble Bundle offers bundles of games, books, and software for a limited time, and consumers can pay what they choose and designate a portion of the sum to go to selected charities. HB has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charity since 2010.

ACLU executive director Anthony Romero praised Humble Bundle, noting that “we are grateful for their engagement and support.” Romero added: “At a moment when civil rights and liberties are facing threats across the country, we are heartened that Stephen King and Humble Bundle are joining together to support the ACLU to champion liberty, justice, and democracy. Through their work and efforts, they are helping to ensure the protections of the Constitution are guaranteed for all people in this country.”