Amazon continues to modify how authors and other creators can use its Kindle Direct Publishing self-publishing platform as the use of generative AI spreads throughout publishing. In an update posted in the KDP Community Forum on Monday, the company announced that it is “lowering the volume limits we have in place on new title creations.”

KDP said that, while it has not yet “seen a spike in our publishing numbers,” it is lowering the number of new titles users can update to the platform daily to three, “in order to help protect against abuse.” It is possible that the number may be lowered again in the future. In the post, KDP wrote that it expects very few publishers to be impacted by the change, “and those who are will be notified and have the option to seek an exception.”

Earlier this month, KDP issued new guidelines for creators, including the requirement that users “inform us of AI-generated content (text, images, or translations) when you publish a new book or make edits to and republish an existing book through KDP.” The two changes, KDP noted, are part of its efforts to monitor the “rapid evolution of generative AI and the impact it is having on reading, writing, and publishing.”