While Michelin restaurant guide iPhone apps already exist for France and Europe, the company has now launched apps in markets that may be home to the highest number of iPhone owners: New York and San Francisco. It’s also rolling out apps in Germany, Spain & Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The apps list all the restaurants selected by the Michelin guide and were developed by ViaMichelin, a subsidiary of the Michelin Group that designs, develops and markets digital travel assistance products and services. The New York and San Francisco apps are in English, and the European ones are available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. Each listing includes the restaurant’s address, phone number, opening hours, awards and Michelin guide comments. Users can rate restaurants on quality, price and service.

The U.S. apps are $6.99 each, and the European apps are €7.99. Customers can by a European app listing all the restaurants for €14.99.

Last fall, Michelin made its new Michelin Guide New York City available via mobile phone.