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  • European Publishers Praise New EU AI Law

    The Federation of European Publishers was among 200 organizations to praise the passage of new European Union legislation requiring that AI companies respect copyright law and offer transparency about what materials are being used to train AI models.

  • Textbook Publishers Sue Notorious 'Shadow Library' Libgen

    The suit claims that Libgen, one of the most popular pirate sites, attracts some nine million users a month in the U.S. alone, and offers 20,000 of the publisher plaintiffs' works for illegal download.

  • Internet Archive Files Appeal in Copyright Infringement Case

    The notice of appeal, which was expected, came right at the 30-day deadline—a month to the day after judge John G. Koeltl approved and entered a negotiated consent judgment and a permanent injunction in the closely watched copyright case.

  • Authors Join the Brewing Legal Battle Over AI

    Two new class action copyright lawsuits ramp up the growing scrutiny of large language models and other generative artificial intelligence tools.

  • Coalition Forms to Battle Library E-book Bills

    The American Booksellers Association, Authors Guild, Association of American Publishers, and more have launched the Protect the Creative Economy Coalition following the introduction of a host of new library e-book bills in several states this year.

  • Publishers, Internet Archive File Dueling Summary Judgment Motions in Scan Suit

    The filings sketch the battle lines for a landmark legal battle over the digitization and lending of books.

  • Court Seeks Proposed Declaratory Judgment in Maryland E-book Case

    A federal judge asked the AAP and state attorneys to submit draft language for a declaratory judgment to end teh case but is unclear whether a permanent injunction is also still under consideration.

  • Maryland Library E-book Law Faces Permanent Injunction

    After declining to appeal a preliminary injunction issued last month, Maryland attorneys now have until April 11 to show why a permanent injunction should not be issued.

  • PRH, Internet Archive Clash Over ‘Maus’

    Penguin Random House denies claims by the Internet Archive that it demanded the removal of Art Spiegelman’s Holocaust graphic memoir 'Maus' from IA digital circulation due to soaring sales in the wake of recent efforts to censor the book.

  • Maryland Defends Its Library E-book Law, Seeks Dismissal of AAP Lawsuit

    In a January 14 filing, the Maryland Attorney General asked a federal judge to dismiss the AAP's claim that the state's recently enacted library e-book law law is preempted by the federal Copyright Act.

  • Hochul Vetoes New York's Library E-book Bill

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul has vetoed New York's library e-book bill. "While the goal of this bill is laudable, unfortunately, copyright protection provides the author of the work with the exclusive right to their works. Because the provisions of this bill are preempted by federal copyright law, I cannot support this bill," Hochul wrote in explaining her decision.

  • Judge Extends Discovery Deadline in Internet Archive Book Scanning Suit

    At a December 2 pre-motion conference, a federal magistrate judge agreed to extend the discovery deadline in the lawsuit filed by four major publishers against the Internet Archive over the Internet Archive's scanning and lending of print library books.

  • Education Publishers Sue Shopify for Copyright, Trademark Infringement

    The suit accuses the e-commerce service of contributory and vicarious copyright and trademark infringement for allegedly facilitating the sale of pirated textbooks and educational materials.

  • Internet Archive Rejects Publishers’ ‘Stonewalling’ Claim in Scanning Lawsuit

    IA lawyers called the publishers’ recent filing ‘unfortunate’ and said they are complying with or have already complied with all of the publishers’ discovery requests.

  • Chegg Responds to Pearson Copyright Lawsuit

    Pearson claims that Chegg is illegally appropriating Pearson's end-of-chapter textbook questions for its subscription study service, but in an answer this week, Chegg attorneys call the suit “legally flawed” and accuse Pearson of “weaponizing” its copyright interests in an effort to throttle lawful innovation.

  • Pearson Education Sues Chegg, Alleging 'Massive' Copyright Infringement

    The suit accuses a Chegg subscription study service of illegally appropriating end-of-chapter questions from various textbooks.

  • Discovery Extension Requested in Internet Archive Book Scanning Suit

    Just weeks after the parties asked a judge to settle a significant discovery dispute, the parties in a closely watched copyright case over the scanning and lending of print library books have asked for a three-month extension for discovery.

  • Copyright Office Weighs in on Maryland Library E-book Law

    In an opinion issued this week, U.S. Register of Copyrights Shira Perlmutter concluded that Maryland’s new library e-book law is “likely” preempted by federal copyright law.

  • Publishers Blast Internet Archive’s ‘Extraordinary’ Demand for Sales Data

    Lawyers say the Internet Archive's sweeping demand for 10 years' ​worth of monthly sales data is "burdensome in the extreme" and legally "irrelevant."

  • CASE Act Set to Pass as Part of Omnibus Bill

    A four year-old bill that would establish an extra-judicial “small claims court” for copyright cases is now set to become law after Congressional leaders slipped the measure into the Covid-19 relief and omnibus spending bill now headed to President Trump’s desk.

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