Amazon pushed out an over-the-air software update for its Kindle Fire tablet on Tuesday night to address early complaints from reviewers and buyers. The update, software version 6.2.1, mainly seeks to correct a problem where icons in the carousel (the top area of the home screen that shows the most recently used apps and content) were difficult to activate and to improve touch responsiveness generally. It also allows users to delete items from the carousel and add a password lock on Wi-Fi access. The update is automatically delivered to the Kindle Fire when it is locked, but can also be downloaded and manually installed here.

On Wednesday, Amazon also updated its iOS app, adding several features that were previously available only on the Kindle Fire, including integrated access to personal documents (previously users could only transfer personal documents to their Amazon Kindle devices, not to the apps), a built in PDF reader and the ability to read all the magazines that were previously exclusive to the Fire in a new Newstand area of the app. That update is available in the iOS app store.