is rolling out Kindle Fire 6.3, a free wireless software update for Kindle Fire operating system, in the next few days. The software update will add sharing features, a personal documents archive, replica textbooks and more.

The Kindle Fire 6.3 software update is available now for free manual download and will be available shortly in an over-the-air wireless download. The update will make it easier to share passages and notes using social media while reading on the Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon’s Shelfari book community has been integrated into Kindle Fire software allowing users to access a variety of supplement material about the book they are reading while they are in that book; consumers will be able to store their personal documents in the Amazon Cloud for redownload at anytime; and the rental period for movies will now start when the movie is viewed rather than at the time it is downloaded.

In addition, the update will make thousands of textbooks available in their original print layouts for sale at 60% off the list price. Amazon has also added Reading View to its Silk web browser, a web browser application that will allow the user to read content on any web page in an optimized view without the clutter of ads or extraneous content that may be on the original web page.