Kobo has reported that its sales are up, with sales of its E Ink Reader climbing 150% in December, and giving the device company 20% of the global e-reader market. The stats, Kobo was quick to point out, clash with predictions that e-reader sales would decline in 2012.

CEO of Kobo, Michael Serbinis, said that December marked "the biggest month for the company yet," with millions of new users registering with the company giving the company more than 12 million rcustomers. Kobo also reported that its average customer bought nearly 20% more e-books in 2012, and that its e-book sales "nearly doubled." The most popular genre is romance. After English, the most popular languages Kobo's customers read in were French and Japanese. The company also said that the most popular e-books among its customers, in 2012, were The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades of Grey.