As promised, Amazon is now offering a 70% royalty rate for authors who publish their work through its Kindle Digital Text Platform. The move means authors who publish the digital edition of their books through the e-tailer will now, as Amazon noted in its announcement, receive 70% of the list price of their title, net of delivery costs.

The new royalty, which Amazon announced in January, does have some restrictions. To receive the 70% royalty, authors must price their books between $2.99 and $9.99 and, also, at least 20% below the list price of the print book. Amazon also said the title must be "offered at or below price parity with competition, including physical book prices." The 70% royalty is also only available for in-copyright works and for books sold to U.S. customers. Additionally, titles which receive the 70% royalty will be subjected to various Kindle features, including text-to-speech.