Lulu has struck a deal with Barnes & Noble that will enable Lulu authors to sell their e-books through B&N’s Nook e-reader. Under the agreement, authors who have picked the “sell anywhere” option will automatically have their titles available through the Nook provided the e-book is done in the ePub format. For authors whose titles are not done in ePub, Lulu has created the Word to EPUB Converter tool that authors can use for free.

"This partnership is another step in our passionate effort to help Lulu creators reach more readers and sell more books," says Bob Young, founder and CEO of Lulu in a statement. "We expect that eBooks, which represents the greatest area of opportunity for our creators, will continue to evolve rapidly and the NOOK reaches a whole new audience of readers to discover and purchase our creators' remarkable works."

Lulu's research indicates that creators who provide their works as an e-book in addition to print, sell 30% more titles than those who only sell in print.