Marking the end of one phase of the tablet graphic novel wars, DC Entertainment announced an agreement to digitally deliver DC’s line of full graphic novels through Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet and Nook Color tablet devices as well as through Android devices via B&N’s Nook for Android app. The deal marks the end of a feud between the two companies after DC struck a deal with Amazon in late 2011 to sell 100 of its bestselling bestlist of graphic novels exclusively through the Kindle Fire.

The new deal will make more than 100 of DC Comics classic full digital graphic novels—DC offers its digital content in the shorter periodical episodes through its other digital channels—available immediately through the Nook tablet devices. The deal also sets up a DC Comics Nook page on Titles include such classics as Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s superhero epic Watchmen and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series as well as the newly released first volumes of collected editions of The New 52, DC’s wildly successful relaunch of its super hero universe. Most titles are priced at $9.99.

New titles will added each month and titles can be purchased through DC’s Nook page on or through the devices.

The deal marks the end of a B&N boycott of DC Comics graphic novels, including the removal of the physical books from its stores, after DC struck a deal with in late 2011 to exclusively sell digital editions of 100 classic DC Comics graphic novels. While the deal was limited to four months, it provoked B&N to declare that it would not distribute any publisher’s physical titles if it did not have to right to sell the books in all formats, including digital. B&N subsequently began removing physical copies of DC graphic novels from its stores. Later, Books-A-Million, which also distributes B&N Nook devices, said it was joining the B&N boycott of DC Comics physical titles.

B&N will also introduce “Zoom View”, much like Comixology’s “guided view” and the Amazon Fire’s “Panel View,” a function that allows the reader to read the graphic novel panel by panel for easier viewing. The Nook Tablet and Nook Color will require a software update to install Zoom View. The software update, Nook 1.4.3, is available immediately at this Nook support page and a free over-the-air update will begin rolling out via wi-fi beginning June 27.