The publishers may have settled, but the fight over the DoJ's price-fixing lawsuit goes on. As Apple continues to defend itself against the Department of Justice’s e-book price-fixing lawsuit, the company has asked Judge Denise Cote to step in to resolve a “discovery dispute” with Amazon. To resolve the issue, Cote set a teleconference for lawyers for both companies on February 26.

Although we don't know what is at heart of the dispute, it is likely that Apple wants to examine and expose Amazon's e-book practices in order to defend its own dealings with publishers. And even though the publishers have settled, they are likely far from finished with litigation, as they too will surely be deposed about their practices, and be compelled to provide evidence in Apple's upcoming trial, set for June.

While the recent settlements suggest publishers are eager to move on, the discovery dispute suggests that the forthcoming trial will likely compel the major players in the e-book market, Amazon, Apple, and publishers reveal confidential information about their business practices.