eBookBundles.com is the parent site of a new network of e-book retail storefronts focused on genres—including retail sites for sci-fi, romance and fantasy--that offers bundles of titles by a variety of authors at an economical price. Bundles start at $4.99 and typically include three to six titles from well-known authors – including bestsellers. eBook Bundles currently has access to half a million titles from a wide selection of major and independent publishers. Files are protected with Adobe DRM technology, and are available for a wide range of e-reader devices and tablets.

A subsidiary of Premier Digital Publishing, eBookBundles.com launched scifiebookbundles.com in April offering books by such noted authors as Stanislaw Lem and Piers Anthony. Since then the company has launched e-book bundle sites for Fantasy and Romance and plans to add more genres to the ebookbundles network in the future. Ebookbundles.com, the parent site, will offer “special” bundles of e-books as well as selling individual e-book titles. The site also has a feature called the “Tip Jar” which allows consumers to offer a little money directly to the authors they care about.

Hutch Morton, president of Premier Digital Publishing and eBookbundles.com, said, “We love books. We love deals. And we love rewarding and delighting our readers with bestselling books and authors. Curating these bundles for our customers so that they have the right mix of beloved and bestselling books is a true joy for our team.”