Apple has just released Mavericks, an updated version of its OS X operating system, which now features support for iBooks. Originally developed for Apple’s mobile devices, the iBooks application now comes with the Mavericks OS on new Mac laptops and consumers can access any e-books they have purchased via the iBooks store.

The new iBooks application comes with the new OS or will be added when consumers upgrade to the Maverick OS. Thanks to the cloud-based infrastructure offered by iBooks, any Apple consumer with a Mavericks OS laptop can use their regular Apple ID to log into their current iBooks account and all the books they may have purchased for their iPhone or iPad will be available to read on the laptop. According to Apple, the iBooks store on Mavericks will synch everything on all the consumers’ devices.

iBooks on a Mac laptop also offers some functions that the iPhone or iPad cannot: it’s easier to multi-task and reference multiple e-books open at once on the larger laptop screen; interactive textbooks originally designed for the iPad are available to access on the laptop; all notes and highlights are pushed to all devices; and giant full screen reading as well as traditional two page layouts are available. And, of course, laptop users now have easy access to the iBooks store and its two million titles.