F+W Media is rebranding itself and will change the company’s name to F+W, a Content + eCommerce Company. The change is intended to highlight the company’s continuing shift from traditional publishing to a broad portfolio of digital and e-commerce products and services.

Originally called F+W Publications, the company changed to F+W Media in 2008 and is changing the named again, according to F+W CEO David Nussbaum, to reflect a continuing strategic shift in its businesses. “As our Company continues to transform and grow through acquisitions and the launch of new products and services, we are strategically moving away from our traditional roots in the ‘media’ business,” Nusbaum said.

Since the first name change in 2008, Nussbaum said, the company’s e-Commerce businesses have grown from supporting a single online store and generating about $6 million in revenue, to 31 vertical e-commerce online stores with revenues of nearly $60 million in 2014. Nussbaum said the F+W online stories attractd more than 20 million unique shoppers in 2013.

Nussbaum said the name change, “doesn’t categorize our company or consumers,” keeps the focus on content in all forms and e-commerce, “which allows us to deliver that content in myriad ways and interact directly with our valued customers.”