Yudu, a U.K. digital publishing and retailing platform, has launched BookSnacking, a browser-based feature that allows publishers to distribute excerpts and samples of titles with buy-buttons anywhere online. BookSnacks can be circulated via blogs, websites and social media and also offer publishers data and feedback on consumer behavior.

Yudu CEO Richard Stephenson said BookSnacking technology allows publishers to upload a PDF to the BookSnacking database and convert their excerpts into high resolution, easily accessible live links that can be placed anywhere online. Once a consumer clicks on a BookSnack, the content loads quickly and allows the user to read a exerpt, make notes, table of contents and share via social media or email, and it offers buy links to a variety of online retailers.

“You can read it immediately and it gives you a readers a choice of where they can buy the book,” Stephenson said, highlights the feature as a tool for discovery. “It’s like Amazon’s ‘look-inside-the-book’. It emulates the bookstore experience and allows the user to pick up a book and check it out.” Stephenson said the technology is responsive and will work on mobile and desktop devices.

BookSnacking is pitching the service to self-published authors as well as publishing houses. The service costs $150 per title and Stephenson said there are bulk rates available for large orders.

“Everyone needs better discoverability and we’re offering a high quality reading experience through the browser,” Stephenson said.