E-book publisher RosettaBooks is launching an interactive e-reading app for mobile phones and tablets that serves as a marketing platform for its inventory of backlist classics. The app does not support direct sales but offers access to excerpts and information on RosettaBooks authors and titles and directs consumers to the digital publishers' retail partners for sales.

The app is free to download and features works by such renowned authors as Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Graves and Arthur C. Clarke. On June 5, Rosetta will also start offering readers a free copy of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, to mark the app’s release.

The app provides sample chapters to more than 85 titles as well as information on the title and authors. The app allows users to build a library of their samples. It will also deliver weekly updates with giveaways and discounted e-books with links to retail partners as well as a user engagement platform that allows readers to comment and connect with like-minded consumers. The RosettaBooks inventory includes classic works as well as new releases.

The app also allows the company to collect input from readers on their reading habits and help the company continue to build a popular reading list. The app is available on the Apple, Google Play, Samsung, Nook and Kindle Fire App stores.

Navjot Khalsa, RosettaBooks director of marketing, said “RosettaBooks strives not only to connect readers with content they will love, but also with those who share their interests. The app platform also helps us learn what our readers want.”