Amazon will release the first 10 titles in its Kindle Scout program, the online retailer's crowdsourced publishing platform, on March 3.

Amazon’s Kindle Scout program solicits writers to submit unpublished novels for reader review and those readers subsequently decide which books will be published. Books selected through Kindle Scout will be published as e-books by Amazon's Kindle Press. To date, a total of 21 titles have been selected for publication. Authors selected to be published through the Kindle Scout receive a 5-year renewable deal, $1,500 advance, a 50% e-book royalty and are said to be offered "easy" rights reversions. Kindle Scout books also get featured Amazon marketing.

The first 10 Kindle Scout releases include G1 by Rigel Carson (science fiction), A Highland Knight’s Desire by Amy Jarecki (romance) and L.A. Sniper by Steve Gannon (thriller). The Kindle Scout program also began soliciting submissions of new genres, including contemporary fiction, historical fiction, and action & adventure.

Dina Hilal, general manager for Kindle Scout, said the program has received reader feedback from more than 29,000 “Kindle Scouts” who have nominated books they would like to see published. “These first 10 titles signal a new option for authors, who can choose to have their books discovered and supported by Amazon customers even before they are published,” Hilal said.