Hummingbird Digital Media has reached a non-exclusive marketing partnership with the ABA under which ABA members will have another option to sell e-books from their websites.

According to Hummingbird, its e-book platform will be integrated with ABA’s IndieCommerce and IndieLite programs by automatically supplying a “Buy the eBook” button next to the “Buy the Book” button on a bookstore’s title page. As part of its program, Hummingbird creates a branded storefront for booksellers and provides stores with a shopping cart and fulfillment via a store co-branded white label site. Hummingbird will also provide a link back from the white label site to the referring store for purchase of the print book.

“ABA is always interested in providing a selection of options for readers and book buyers to purchase digital titles from independent bookstores,” said Oren Teicher, ABA CEO in a statement. “We are pleased to have this new partnership with Hummingbird, which gives ABA member bookstores an additional choice for offering e-books to their customers.”

Hummingbird was founded three years ago by a group led by Josh and Stephen Blake Mettee. In a statement, Josh Mettee said that “Hummingbird is dedicated to working with independent bookstores in order to help them receive their fair share of the e-book market.”

Currently, more than 75 ABA member stores are selling e-books through Hummingbird, and Hummingbird will be added to the list of ABA Marketplace Partners, which include other e-book and digital audiobook vendors.