Ann B. LaFarge, a former editor for Dutton, Ballantine, Zebra, and Kensington, died at home on May 27. She was 83.

After teaching English in New York City for years, LaFarge began her second career in book publishing, as an editor, at E.P. Dutton in the 1970s. She would go on to work for Ballantine, Zebra, and Kensington. In 1989, LaFarge co-authored Riding High with Penelope Hall under the pen name Emily Brooks.

When she retired from publishing, LaFarge started writing a book review column, "The Constant Reader," that was syndicated in a number of newspapers throughout the Hudson River Valley region of New York. She also collaborated with her daughter Mathilda on "Ark Angels," an illustrated column about animals for Dutchess Magazine.

LaFarge is survived by her daughters Louisa, Annik, and Mathilda, and her son, Albert. Annik and Albert both followed their mother into book publishing.