Sono Rosenberg, a longtime copy editor for Random House, died at her home in New York on March 12. She was 98.

The daughter of Japanese immigrants, Rosenberg worked at Yale during World War II in an army program to teach American soldiers basic Japanese before moving to New York after the war. There, she began working as a copy editor at the Associated Press before breaking into book publishing as a copy editor at Columbia University Press.

Rosenberg joined the Random House copyediting department in the late 1960s, beginning a long tenure that ended only with her retirement in 1989. Authors whose works she edited include Maya Angelou, Nicholson Baker, Martin Cruz Smith, Edward Hoagland, Robert Ludlum, James Michener, Jean Strouse, and Calvin Trillin—all of whom she worked with on multiple books.

Rosenberg is survived by her daughter, Linda, who is a copy chief at Penguin Random House; a son, Mark, a musician and computer engineer in northern California; and a grandson, Matthew.