Van Dyke Keeps Moving at Blackstone

Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke recorded his upcoming memoir, Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths About Aging, for Blackstone Audio. In the audiobook, which will be published on October 13 (two months before Van Dyke’s 90th birthday), the entertainer “shares his secret to staying resilient in old age,” according to Blackstone. Weinstein Books will release the title in hardcover on the same day.

Audible Revives ‘Patience and Sarah’

Grammy Award–winning singer/songwriter Janis Ian and Emmy Award–winning actress Jean Smart were in the Audible studios last month recording Patience and Sarah. The publication marks the first time the book, first released in 1969, will be available in audio. Ian and Smart each perform as one of the characters in this dual-point-of-view love story about two young women whose romantic bond does not sit well with the puritanical New England farming community in which they live, per Audible. “I came across Patience and Sarah while I was staying with a friend in Philadelphia in 1972, and it opened a world to me,” Ian said. “It was the first time I’d read a love story starring two women that had a happy ending... I’m honored that Audible has given me the opportunity to breathe new life into this classic. The timing is right, politically and socially, for this gorgeous book to make its way back into the limelight.” The audiobook goes on sale September 15.

Lawson in the Booth at Macmillan

Author Jenny Lawson recorded Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things for Macmillan Audio. Lawson follows up her 2012 memoir Let’s Pretend This Never Happened with an exploration of her lifelong battle with mental illness in a “hysterical, ridiculous book about crippling depression and anxiety,” according to Macmillan. The program includes a bonus chapter exclusive to the audiobook. Furiously Happy goes on sale September 22.

Tantor Brings in Dolan

New York City actor Amanda Dolan has been cast to record the audiobook for Witches of America, which follows author Alex Mar’s “immersive five-year trip into the occult, charting modern Paganism from its roots in 1950s England to its current American Mecca in the San Francisco Bay Area,” according to Tantor. Mar has contributed to Elle, the New York Times Book Review, Slate, New York magazine and is also the director of the documentary feature American Mystic. The audiobook and hardcover (from Sarah Crichton Books) go on sale October 20.

Whoopi Talks Relationships at Hachette

The View cohost Whoopi Goldberg is set to record the audio for her upcoming book If Someone Says “You Complete Me,” RUN! Whoopi’s Big Book of Relationships for Hachette Audio. The publisher describes the work as the “perfect antidote to all those outdated relationship-advice books in the world, weighing in on why marriage isn’t for everybody, and how the life you want shouldn’t be the life everyone else expects you to have.” The audiobook goes on sale October 13.

Gray Hits the Road with Dreamscape

Linda Gray, star of Dallas, narrated her first book, The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction, for Dreamscape. The star, who turned 75 this year, “opens up about the challenges she has faced on the road to serenity and success,” the publisher said. The book went on sale September 8 in hardcover from Regan Arts, the same day Dreamscape released the audiobook edition.