Read Russia, an initiative designed to celebrate Russian literature and Russian book culture, is extending the deadline for entries for its Read Russia Prize, an award devoted to newly published Russian works in English translation. The annual prize will award up to $10,000 in the following categories: contemporary fiction written after 1990; 20th-century fiction written between 1900 and 1990; 19th-century fiction written between 1800 and 1900; and poetry (classic and contemporary).

The application deadline for publishers, translators, and scholars to submit their works is December 30, and the awards will be announced in May. For more details on the prize and application process, click here.

The Prize jury includes translator and scholar, Rosumund Bartlett; writer and filmmaker Richard Lourie; and translator and editor Ronald Meyer. In addition to the cash prize, the winning publisher receives the opportunity to have a complementary audiovisual book trailer produced for the winning work or a new work of Russian literature in translation.

Read Russia, founded in 2012, is based out of Moscow, New York, and London. The initiative sponsors programs, projects and events devoted to support English language translation and publication of Russian works, and reader access to Russia's literary leaders. Read Russia is a major media partner of the forthcoming documentary, Russia's Open Book: Writing in the Age of Putin, hosted by author and actor Stephen Fry, which premieres next month on PBS.

The film, a coproduction of YouTube's online platform for nonfiction programming, Intelligent Television and Wilton Films, will preview the PBS premiere with a digital showcase beginning on Friday, December 13.