Emmy award–winner Ellen DeGeneres has two bestselling books to her credit and is putting the final touches on her newest title, Seriously... I'm Kidding, due this October from Grand Central Publishing. A consummate entertainer, she places her unique signature on everything she does, whether it's providing the voice for Dory, everyone's favorite fish in Finding Nemo, and hosting her television show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, to a recent stint as an American Idol judge. She tells Show Daily that Seriously... I'm Kidding will give readers plenty of new material to enjoy.
DeGeneres will be making a special appearance, via video, at today's Book & Author Breakfast.

Your life has changed quite a bit since your last book, as you have stated, "I got married. I got my own talk show. I started a record label. I became a CoverGirl." What can readers look forward to in Seriously... I'm Kidding?
My life has changed a lot. I'm happier than I've ever been and busier than I've ever been. The book has a little something in it for everyone —adults, kids, teenagers, grandparents. Your pets will love it. I like to say it's a combination of Twilight; Harry Potter; Eat, Pray, Love; Lord of the Rings; and The Joy of Sex.

How is it different from your previous books, and why was now the right time to write it?
Last year I was working two television jobs, with American Idol, so this year I had some more free time to sit down and write. It was either write this book or go on Celebrity Apprentice. I have a new perspective on things, and I thought I could share it. Plus, in this book I use a different font. And there's a different cover.

Is there something you hope readers take away from Seriously... I'm Kidding?
I hope readers take away the whole book and pay the full cover price. And just by buying the book you're gonna feel better, be happier, look taller, have six-pack abs, silky shiny hair, and find everlasting love. But if you're not into that stuff, then don't buy it.

Do you follow a routine when you write?
With my schedule I had to write whenever I wasn't on TV. Sometimes I'd take out a pen and scribble stuff down during a commercial break. Sometimes I'd do it during an interview if they were boring. I won't say who. Okay, I will. Harry Connick Jr.

Would you like to comment on the importance of books and literacy in general?
Reading is so important. Parents should read to their children. I have neighborhood kids come over and read to me. It keeps all of us off the streets. They also do my windows.

Are there any special organizations you'd like to raise awareness for?
I'm constantly looking for ways to raise money for one of my favorite places, the Gentle Barn (www.gentlebarn.org). They take in animals that can't find homes because they're too damaged, and they heal them. Once they're healed, the animals stay there and help heal at-risk and disadvantaged kids. They really help heal each other. —Karen Jones