After a two-year absence from BEA, Mighty Bright (6275), which designs and manufactures LED lights for book reading (as well as doing crafts and reading music), is returning to the Javits Center and looking forward to introducing new lighting designs to indie booksellers.

“We were unsure where the book industry was going,” says Michelle Haas, marketing manager of Mighty Bright, “because of the fast growth of digital books. But our research shows that the indie booksellers are thriving, and we’re excited by this.”

Mighty Bright products are designed for a variety of low-light environments, and the original XtraFlex LED book light has become the company’s bestseller; it’s now available in two multicolored designs. The popular eFlex e-reader light has been revamped to include a padded clip that more easily attaches to the edge of digital reading devices without intruding on the screen, and the former lithium battery has been replaced with a more compatible AAA battery. Brand-new to the line this year is Mighty Bright’s desktop LUX Dome Task Light, which adjusts to 24 inches in height and provides accent and essential lighting in the office or home. The dome head swivels 360 degrees and, says Haas, “adapts to all living spaces, including offices, studies, libraries, and poorly lit indie bookstore back rooms.”