Best known for her party-girl persona on the hit reality show Jersey Shore, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has penned a book about pregnancy that is far from the traditional “what to expect” tome. Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and All the Messy Milestones Along the Way (Running Press, Dec.) is her advice on being young and pregnant—and not necessarily by choice. “A lot of pregnancy books out there are all about the facts, like what happens this week and what happens next week,” Polizzi tells Show Daily. “I wanted a book that was more humorous, with funny stories to make it more relatable.”

Polizzi was 24 and still living with her parents when she and boyfriend Jionni were surprised by the news of her pregnancy. Though initially unprepared for parenthood, she embraced the role of expectant mom by saying good-bye to the hard-living lifestyle celebrated on six seasons of Jersey Shore. Her son, Lorenzo, was born last year, and Polizzi says she has comfortably settled into motherhood. “It has changed my definition of fun.”

Since giving birth, she adds, she has been deluged by questions from girls her age about pregnancy and its emotional and physical challenges. “This book is what I needed when I was pregnant. I thought telling readers about my experiences so they could laugh along might help them.” Chapter titles such as “This Endless Hangover” (first trimester), “It’s a Meatball!” (first sonogram), “Psycho Bitch” (mood swings), “Gas Crisis,” and “Does the Crib Come in Leopard Print?” set the stage for her signature style of repartee.

Jennifer Kasius, editorial director at Running Press, says, “It’s a sweet, funny book that shows a completely different side to Nicole. Her fans will be interested to see how she has evolved into a loving mom. But in addition, the book will appeal to a largely ignored audience in the pregnancy/childcare category: young moms who may not have planned on a baby.”

What did she learn from writing Baby Bumps? Polizzi says, “It actually makes me want to get pregnant again.” Stay tuned.

Polizzi is signing excerpts from Baby Bumps today at 11 a.m. in the Perseus Books Group/Running Press booth (1402).