PubMatch, the global rights organization that Publishers Weekly co-owns with Combined Book Exhibit, has forged a partnership with the self-publishing association BookWorks to launch a new BookWorks Web site. The new site, which is live today, is part of a BookWorks initiative designed to expand the benefits offered to BookWorks members.

Betty Sargent, the former editor-in-chief of William Morrow who founded BookWorks with Lettice Stuart in 2011 and who has published a number of books (and self-published one), says: "A global organization that provides resources and community support to its members is, to my mind, exactly what self-published authors need. Together, BookWorks and PubMatch fill that role." Jon Malinowski, president of CBE and cofounder of PubMatch, adds, "Because self-published authors control their own rights, tying the BookWorks members into the PubMatch system gives them the opportunity to explore all of the different options they have as rights holders, and to find potential buyers around the world." And George Slowik Jr., president of PW and co-owner of PubMatch, notes that PubMatch "adds to the wealth of resources BookWorks is providing for its members."

BookWorks currently offers members profile pages akin to those on social media sites, as well as a portal to sell their titles through affiliate arrangements (set up by BookWorks) and other perks. The association is also planning to institute an awards program, in 12 categories, for the best self-published titles in those areas each year.