Octopus Publishing Group believes that time is on its side in wrapping its tentacles around the children’s illustrated book market. A year after acquiring Ticktock, Octopus, renowned for its illustrated book lines, is officially relaunching its ninth imprint with a hot new logo. It’s also jazzing up the 80 titles currently on the Ticktock list by giving them a more contemporary look and releasing them as e-books because—you know children these days. They’re trendsetters.

“This age group have come to expect good design and engaging content across all digital platforms,” says deputy executive editor Andrew Welham from Octopus’s London headquarters. “We need to ensure we are delivering just that wherever possible in the books they read.”

Ticktock will publish primarily illustrated nonfiction books for the 5–8-year-old age range. Booksellers can check out Ticktock’s new look at booth 844, where Octopus staff will hand out finished copies of If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today (May) and Fast & Furious (June). The first 100 visitors to the booth will also receive a hot item at a show where the days are long and the nights are short: ticktocky alarm clocks.

Ticktock will continue to count down 2013 with such releases as Journey Through the Solar System (Oct.), The Big Body Book (Nov.), and Book of Beasts (Nov.). No word yet if Book of Beasts will include anything about sea creatures like cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda, which have two eyes and eight arms.