Colorado’s Douglas County Libraries and Califa, a consortium of California libraries, are both so eager to introduce you to their new e-book purchasing model, the DCL Model, they’re going to do something at BEA that’s definitely verboten inside public libraries: they’re handing out samples of Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, the signature treat from New York City’s Serendipity 3 at booth 963.

The DCL Model was developed by the Douglas County Libraries and quickly adopted by Califa, because even librarians in California are trendsetters. The DCL Model promotes purchasing e-books directly from small and independent presses, as well as from self-publishers, rather than from third-party vendors.

Nancy Marr, DCL’s marketing and communications specialist, has never been to BEA before, but she knows how show attendees’ minds work: books will draw them to booths, certainly, but so will free food with chocolate.

If you visit the booth today between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m., you might even catch Maureen Sullivan, the ALA president, stopping by for an informal meet-and-greet Frrrozen Hot Chocolate treat. And if all that chocolate inspires you to learn more about the DCL Model, here’s some guilt-free serendipity: a panel with Rochelle Logan, DCL’s associate director of support services; Sameer Shariff, Impelsys CEO; Sourcebooks’ publisher Dominique Raccah; and Tyndale House’s director of marketing services, Alan Huizenga, in Room 1E07, 11:30 a.m.–12:20 p.m.