In honor of this summer's 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Stackpole Books (booth 2149) will highlight three of its newest Gettysburg titles. Stackpole has published books on Civil War and military history for more than 75 years, and has more than 50 Civil War titles on its backlist.

The three new books include Guide to Gettysburg Battlefield Monuments by Tom Huntington. Pubbed in May, the guide (and companion smartphone app) features 35 maps, GPS coordinates, and photos of the location and details of more than 800 monuments and tablets on the Gettysburg battlefield. The second featured title is Gettysburg: The Story of the Battle in Maps by the editors of Stackpole Books, M. David Detweiler and Dave Reisch. Detweiler, who conceived the book idea, is also Stackpole's president and the grandson of Gen. Edward J. (E.J.) Stackpole, the company's founder. "My mother's father was General Stackpole," Detweiler says. "He and his father started a printing press in the 1920s, and in the 1930s began the publishing company. In 1956, he wrote the book They Met At Gettysburg, which is still in print—it sells thousands per year. We were good friends; I was lucky enough to have had him for a couple of decades, and I wish he were alive to see the book I did. I wrote it and sketched some of the specifics of the maps. Dave Reisch, my co-editor, is a cartographer, and he helped immeasurably. I hope it makes the battle accessible both visually and through text." The book, which pubs in June, uses 70 color maps and text to tell the hour-by-hour story of the three-day Battle of Gettysburg; each map shows the same 3½-mile×4½-mile view of the battlefield, allowing readers to visualize the battle as it developed over the entire area.

The third book, 150 Things to Know: The Battle of Gettysburg by Sandy Allison (June), is an introduction to the Gettysburg campaign that relates 150 fascinating facts about the battle in a compact format.