When New Zealander Paul Huljich, author of Stress Pandemic: Nine Natural Steps to Break the Cycle of Stress and Thrive (Midpoint Trade, June), struck it rich in 1993 after selling his successful organic food company, Best Corporation, to Dannon for $100 million, he had every reason to be a happy, fulfilled man. Instead, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a result of years of unchecked stress that caused him to suffer from depression and anxiety.

But Huljich completely healed himself from mental illness, thanks to his medical teams at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and the Menninger Clinic in Kansas, and his personal determination to be free of his condition. “I was able to overcome my debilitating conditions and accomplish a healthy, positive way of life naturally, free of prescription drugs,” says Huljich, who is one of America’s top stress experts and a life coach who travels all over the country giving seminars. “My book is written for the growing number of people who wish to free themselves of stress, which can show up in the form of worry, anger, guilt, headaches, insomnia, or anxiety,” Huljich says. “I want people to say no to stress.”

As outlined in Stress Pandemic, Huljich’s LifeReStyle process can help readers take back control of their lives while fortifying the body and mind. The nine practical, easy steps include kicking bad habits, the importance of exercise and sleep, learning how to say “no,” a focus on self-awareness, and practicing positive affirmations. Huljich will sign Stress Pandemic at the Midpoint booth (1427) today, noon–1 p.m., and on Friday at 10:30 a.m.at Table 15 in the Autographing Area.