According to Adams Media, a division of F+W Media, the Avon, Mass., publisher’s mission is to provide “practical and meaningful content” that “inspires, informs, and impacts” lives. While we admit that career and business books like Martin Yate’s Knock ’Em Dead series for job hunters and Stephan Schiffman’s Closing Techniques for home buyers are informative and certainly have an impact, we think that Adams Media’s new line of books for DIY crafters will inspire an even broader audience. How could it not, with a title like DIY Wine Corks by Melissa Averinos (June)? We already feel so inspired, we want to pop open a few bottles just so we can have some DIY fun with corks and a glue gun.

While other F+W Media divisions, like Interweave and KP Craft, are already known for crafting books, Adams Media is filling a niche: Pinterest crafters whose creative impulses might need a little assist. Adams Media published 11 craft books last year and is planning on releasing 15 more this year including DIY Wood Pallet Projects and DIY Statement Necklaces.

Check out booth 1947: projects from DIY Chalkboard Crafts, DIY Mason Jars, and, of course, DIY Wine Corks, will be on display. The projects will be raffled off today; one set of DIY craft titles will also be raffled off to a lucky bookseller.