The 2015 Children’s Book Art Auction and Reception, sponsored by ABFE, the ABC Children’s Group at the American Booksellers Association, and Random House Children’s Books, will recognize Judy Blume.

ABFE has sent a letter asking artists to support the auction, with a special section for pieces that honor Blume and her books. The deadline for submitting art is May 1, and pieces honoring Blume can be submitted until May 15.

“It took great courage to open children’s literature to the discussion of the problems that face kids in the modern world, and Judy Blume continues to inspire us to fight the efforts to censor what kids want to read,” said Chris Finan, director of ABFE.

The BEA auction, which will be held May 26 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, supports ABFE’s defense of the free speech rights of kids, including the Kids’ Right to Read Project and Banned Books Week.